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You can take Route 1 or Route 2, it makes little difference timewise. We prefer to take Route 1, but that is purely preference; both routes are equally straightforward.
After following directions along whichever of these routes you choose to take, follow directions from Dasklip Pass to Pampoen Fontein Farm.

Route 1:
Take the N1 from Cape Town until you reach the R44 Stellenbosch/Klapmuts R101 Wellington turnoff.
Turn left on the R44 to Wellington.
Just before Wellington, turn left on the R44 to Hermon/Ceres.
After 42km, turn left, again on the R44, to Gouda/Porterville.
Drive straight through Porterville and straight on for about 3km until you see the Cardow/Dasklip Pass sign.

Route 2:
Take the N7 from Cape Town to Piketburg.
200m after the turnoff to Piketburg, turn right off the N7 onto the R44 to Porterville.
You are now on a tar road. Continue along this road for 25km to a T-junction. At the T, turn left (right takes you into Porterville). After 3km you will see see a sign to Cardow/Dasklip Pass

Dasklip Pass to Pampoen Fontein Farm:
Turn right at the sign onto a dirt road. Continue along this for 9.6km until you see signs to Groot Winterhoek Nature Reserve & Dasklip Pass.
Here the road forks, keep right, heading up the mountain on a tar road. The road up Dasklip is steep and winding so take it easy!
After 7km you get to the top of Dasklip Pass. Ignore the sign to Beaverlac and drive straight on (still on dirt) for another 4km, the road does a dogs leg to the left and you will start to see the cottage name signs – proceed to the cottage that you have booked