Current regulations allow us to offer leisure accommodation to Western Cape residents.

Biosecurity Measures:

  1. Personal Contact:
    • Our cottages are at least 300 meters from each other.
    • There will be no direct contact between guests and members of staff. Communication with staff takes place through WhatsApp messaging. Firewood orders will be delivered to your door.
    • All payments will be made electronically.
    • The farm comprises 1000 acres accessed along several hiking trails. Guests are required to carry masks outside the cottages in case they encounter anyone on a walk.
  1. Cottage sanitation:
    • The cottages are thoroughly ventilated and sanitized with 75% ethanol and bleach on the departure of guests.
    • Cleaning staff are screened daily and are required to wear masks and gloves when they are in the cottages or dealing with laundry.
    • After laundering, linen and towels are tumble dried or hung in the sun before being ironed and stored in linen cupboards for further use.
    • All surfaces, furniture, appliances, door handles and bathrooms are re-sanitized with bleach and 75% ethanol spray on the day guests are due to arrive.
    • Each cottage is supplied with a spray bottle containing 75% ethanol.”